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Trump administration sued over poor medical care in immigration centers

Detainees with medical and mental health conditions and those with disabilities face settings so brutal, including delays and denials of medical care, overuse of solitary confinement and lack of disability accommodations, they have led to permanent harm and 24 deaths in the last two years, according to a portion of the 200-page complaint shared with […]


First Openly Autistic Florida Attorney, Haley Moss, Honored at Charity Gala: ‘The Hopes of so Many Rest on Her’

By KATHERINE HIGNETT, NEWSWEEK When she hadn’t spoken by the age of three, doctors told Haley Moss’s parents she had autism. In January, twenty-one years after her 1997 diagnosis, she was sworn into the Florida Bar as its first openly autistic member. On Saturday, local autism charity Unicorn Children’s Foundation declared her a Youth Ambassador in recognition of […]