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New rule will require airlines to report damaged wheelchairs and all mishandled luggage

By DAILY HERALD After a lengthy flight, most passengers are poised to spring into action when their airplane lands. But what if, during the flight, the airline damaged your “legs”? That’s how passengers who use wheelchairs like U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth feel when their means of independent transportation are broken by carriers’ mishandling. The problem […]

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Disabled travelers sue DOT to force accessible lavatories on single-aisle planes

By BART JANSEN, USA TODAY Thomas Wheaton Jr. has waited during the 30 years since he was paralyzed for the Transportation Department to require single-aisle airliners to have lavatories accessible for the disabled. On Tuesday, Wheaton and the advocacy group Paralyzed Veterans of America filed a lawsuit at the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals […]


For Disabled Travelers, Technology Helps Smooth the Way. But Not All of It.

By JOSHUA BROCKMAN, THE NEW YORK TIMES Technology is fast changing how people with disabilities get to and then navigate airports and train and bus stations. But technology can go only so far: Its advantages usually stop at the door of the plane, train or bus. Consider the experience of Michael May, who is blind […]