Walmart’s new corporate policy may cost man with cerebral palsy his job


MONROE TOWNSHIP, PA – Adam Catlin has been a greeter at the Walmart store near Selinsgrove for about 10 years.

“When the customers come in, I greet the customers,’ Catlin explained, “and then if they have a return, I scan it and put a sticker on it.”

He loves his job and doesn’t let his cerebral palsy hold him back.

“Walmart is his heart. His job is his driving force in life,” Catlin’s sister Amber Piermattei said.

But on Saturday, Catlin said he was told that due to a change in corporate policy, his job description will change.

He must now stand for his entire eight-hour shift. He must also be able to lift up to 25 pounds.

Catlin said that he has until April 26 to comply with the new regulations or he no longer has a job.

“I’m not going to able to do that,” Catlin said.

A store manager told local media he’s not allowed to comment. He referred questions to Walmart’s corporate office.

“I understand that corporate policies change, so if they want to make this change that’s fine,” Piermattei said. “But I think they should grandfather him in. He’s been there for ten years.”

Catlin’s mom posted about the situation on social media. The post was shared thousands of times. And people are outraged.

“Why does he have to lift 25 pounds? He’s just a real good kid with a good attitude and everyone enjoys seeing him,” area resident Stacie Camp said.

“If you’re having a bad day, you go in there, he makes your day,” store regular Shannon Walters said. “We go in there every week and I look forward to seeing him.”

As for Catlin, he just wants to work.

“I want to keep my job past April 26 because I’ve made a lot of good friends and a lot of good memories over the years,” Catlin stressed.

Attempts to reach Walmart’s corporate office have not yielded a response.

According to Catlin’s family, he has not yet been offered any kind of severance package.

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